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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Word Balloon Podcast Jimmy Palmiotti and Batman Documentarian Brett Culp

On this episode of Word Balloon, we welcome back Jimmy Palmiotti , who is in the midst of his 6th Kickstarter campaign. This time for the post apocalyptic OGN DENVER. Jimmy tells us his KS strategies and about the highs and lows of making comic books in today's market From the frustrations of making IMAGE's  CREATOR OWNED COMICS anthology, to his current DC books ALL STAR WESTERN, HARLEY QUINN & BATWING. If you enjoy Jimmy and his Paper film teams stories head to their website Paper Films ,  and by a digital copy of one or more today!

Then filmmaker Brett Culp joins us to promote his excellent documentary LEGENDS OF THE KNIGHT, featuring personal success stories of people inspired by BATMAN. Culp gives us a preview of the film's subjects, talks about the inspirational power of the Batman Mythos, and tell us how you can get a screening of the documentary for your town to support your favorite charity. Learn more at the film's website

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