Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Ed Piskor and his Hip Hop Family Tree Comics

The history of Hip Hop Music and Culture is explored in Pittsburg Cartoonist Ed Piskor's excellent weekly series, online at Boing Boing and in the gigantic treasury edition published format from Fantagraphics Books. We discuss the interesting performance art intersections that helped evolve the Hip Hop Movement from playing at rec rooms in the bronx, to the world wide phenomenon it became.
Ed talks about his big break working with Harvey Pekar, his self published work, and more.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Alex Segura On Archie's Riverdale TV series, The Dark Circle Heroes and His Crime Novel Silent City

Alex Segura From Archie Comics drops by to give the lowdown on the news of Fox developing a new live action tv series called RIVERDALE, and to go behind the scenes with Archie's Dark Circle line of Super Hero books.Upcoming reboots of The Black Hood & The Shield will join Dean Haspiel & Mark Waid's The Fox. Alex discusses the new directions and life at Archie Comics.We also talk about his crime novel SILENT CITY which has a follow up in the works. 

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