Thursday, December 13, 2018

Comic Books Bryan Hill Talks Killmonger American Carnage Titans TV Show and More

Bryan Hill is back to talk about his new comics a Killmonger mini series from Marvel that is a prequel to the events of The Black Panther film. What were the events and choice that led Erik Killmonger down his dark path? 

Also his new Vertigo crime book American Carnage , where a light skinned black FBI agent infiltrates a white supremacist group. It's a hard hitting compelling new series.

Plus we go into detail about his work on The Titans TV series streaming on the DC Universe channel. Bryan wrote 2 episodes of season 1.

Also preview of Bryan's upcoming Outsiders DC book, thoughts on the current Film and TV markets, and a look at Creed 2. 

Monday, December 10, 2018

Comic Books The Secrets Behind Archie Comics With Victor Gorelick

Victor Gorelick has been with Archie Comics since 1958, and he tells us his point of view of the company's last 60 years, from the Archie bullpen of the 50s and 60s to the breakthrough success of Sugar Sugar to today's titles like Archie 1941 and Kevin Kelly, the TV hits Riverdale and Sabrina and much more

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Anatomy Of A Comic Strip With Brian Collins

Brian Collins joins us to explore his grandfather's comic strip legacy. Kreigh Collins was a great illustrator that landed a syndication deal for his Girl Adventure strip Mitzi McCoy. He spent the run of the strip experimenting with story tones from humor to straight up noir , finally resulting in leaving Mitzi's stories and focusing on Mitzi's adventuring ancestor. A Prince Valliant sort of character Kevin The Bold. 

The new book from Lost Art Books, Mitzi McCoy- The Lost Art Of Keigh Collins Vol 1 is an interesting examination of an artist trying to gather his audience and finding the right mix to make a comic strip hit. 

Friday, November 30, 2018

JM DeMatties Constantine Film New IDW and Dark Horse Books

Great to catch up with Marc on his latest projects. First we discuss his fantastic John Constantine  Animated Film City Of Demons, that even got it's own prime time special on the CW to promote John's involvement on Legends Of Tomorrow . We talk about Matt Ryan's undying loyalty to the fun of playing John on 2 tv series and several animated films!

Then we get into Marc's creator owned books like the fun Dr Who-esque Impossible Inc from IDW, and the very Vertigo esque The Girl In The Bay From Karen Berger's Dark Horse Imprint Berger Books, the re-release of Moonshadow coming in 2019 and more.

The Bendis Tapes What Are We Thankful For

Note This was recorded a few weeks before the Death of Stan Lee The Ny Times ran this comic strip tribute to Stan from Brian . We talk about the fun we had at NY comic con, Brian's hang time with Frank Miller, lots on Superman, Young Justce and the whole Wonder Comics line, Jinxworld updates and more

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Comic Book History- Stan Lee An Unauthorized Bio With Writer And Comics Historian Fred Van Lente

Stan Lee RIP . Fred Van Lente joins me to look at Stan's life and career. Fred is the co-author of The Comic Book History Of Comics from IDW with artist Ryan Dunlavey so he is a perfect guest to talk about all the facets of Stan's career.

We also talk about Fred's new mystery novel set at a San Diego Comic Con called The Con Artist from Quirk books, with illustrations by Tom Fowler

Comic Books History Archie 1941 & The Birth Of DC Elseworlds With Brian Augustyn

Brian is here to talk about his new drama Archie 1941. It's a poignant realistic look at The Riverdale gang dealing with the onset of WW2. Written by Augustyn and Mark Waid and drawn by Peter Krause, its a great story. 

We also discuss the creation Gotham By Gaslight which became the first DC Elseworlds title, featuring a 19th century Batman taking on Jack The Ripper. Brian takes us through the whole creative process including encticing a pre-Hellboy Mike Mignola to the project. Great stories about DC Comics in the late 80s. 

Comic Books History 100 greatest moments of DC Heroines and The Justice League

Comics Writer Editor and Pop Culture Historian Bob Greenberger has begun a series of Comic Book Histories for DC. The first is The 100 greatest moments of The Justice League , The 2nd is the 100 greatest moments of DC Heroines. These are great histories that  not only give you the reasons why these are the great moments but also loads of comic book scenes in full that  feature the best moments 

We also talk about his work on magazines such as Starlog and Comics Scene , his time at The Weekly World News and his thoughts on Star Trek. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Comic Books Eric Esquivel Talks Border Town From Vertigo and Latinx Culture

Eric's new comic book explores Mexican myths and the ongoing culture wars of everyday life . Border Town is a bold new comic from Vertigo that explores the polarizing world of life on the Arizona Mexican border. That Border is also on the supernatural plane between our world and the mythological Mexican Hell. 

Comic Books Sanford Greene Harvests Bitter Root from Image Comics

Sanford Greene joins us to talk about his latest collaboration with David Walker and Chuck Brown. Bitter Root is a new monster hunting book featuring a family team exploring monster hunting during the historical backdrop of the 1920s Harlem Renaissance. It's a fantastic concept with unique characters and solutions to the "Monster Problem" 

Comic Books Inktober Wrap Up With Artist Shawn Crystal

Shawn Crystal is here to talk about his comic books and his excellent interview podcast Ink Pulp Audio, featuring great one on one interviews with comic book artists . We compare our styles of interviews and talks about Shawn's art process. 

Comic Books Outlier Paul Jenkins on The Future Of Storytelling

Great to welcome Paul back to talk about his many After Shock Comics. The current treasure hunt/conspiracy adventure Beyonders. The controversial superhero saga Alters and The Sci-Fi comedy Replica. We also discuss his POV of where creators and genre content are going in today's entertainment market. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Comic Books Adventures With Kickstarter Greg Pak & Jonathan Coulton

Greg and Jonathan are back with their latest childrens book collaboration The Prince Who Saved Her Friends. 
The two discuss the book, and their tips in terms of kickstarter, and how to sustain creator owned careers in the comics and music business. 

Comic Books - Age Of Bronze and Oz talk With Eric Shanower

Great to welcome the incredible Eric Shanower . His Age Of Bronze was one of the hallmarks of late 90s comics. Now it's back and in full color. The new Volume 1 from Image collects the first nine issues and Eric will be releasing all the other 3 volumes . Plus next January Eric continues the saga with issue 34, his first new issue since 2013.
We also get into Eric's passion about The Wizard Of Oz books and the Oz fan culture, plus other current projects and more 

Thursday, October 04, 2018

The Comic Books Birth Of Venom a talk with his creator David Michelinie

Venom's dad gives us his strange origin. David Michelinie gives us the behind the scenes story behind Eddie Brock and Venom. 

Comic Books Superman at 80-a roundtable with Stern Ordway Kupperberg and Tomasi

The writers cover Superman stories from the 1970s-today. Featuring a roundtable chat with Roger Stern Jerry Ordway Paul Kupperberg, and Peter J Tomasi. 

Monday, October 01, 2018

Howard Chaykin's Secret History Of Comics and Adam & Aidan Glass and The Lolipop Kids

First, a fresh take on teens fighting monsters in The Lollipop Kids from father and son writing team Adam and Aidan Glass, drawn by Diego Yapur from AfterShock. The main character, Nick, has dyslexia, a conditon he shares with Aidan, but it's more of a superpower than a hinderance that Nick uses to detect and fight a slew of monsters in New York . Nick also discovers a group of fellow teens whose ancestors brought the monsters with them when they came for old world Europe and other places to the US. Adam also talks about his current work on Teen Titans for DC, television writing on shows like The Chi for Showtime, and 4 years on Supernatural.

Then Howard Chaykin is back talking about his new Image series Hey Kids! Comics, a look back at the post WW2 Mad Men era of comics with real life stories from the industry . We also talk about the current comics market and Howard's place in it, conventions and fans, superhero TV and film, and a full recommended TV viewing list from Chaykin.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Comic Books- Robin and The Men Who created him/them

From Terificon, an incredible conversation. From Dick Grayson to Jason Todd to Tim Drake and Damian Wayne the men who helped evolve the character discuss and debate the strengths and even weaknesses the "Boy Wonder" brought to the Batman Mythos and The whole DC universe

We hear from Dennis ONeil, Mike W Barr Jim Starlin Peter J Tomasi and Tim Seeley

Monday, September 24, 2018

Ben Blacker On Hex Wives Chris Moreno on The Comic Book Story of Pro Wrestling

First Chris Moreno taks about The Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling co written with Aubrey Sitterson

Then Ben Blacker is back with a great new Vertigo series Hex Wives/ We also talk about his comedy co-creation The Thrilling Adventure Hour and his Writers Panel Podcast