Thursday, October 17, 2019

Halloween Weird Balloon Death On Stage With Burt Kearns

Burt Is The Co-Author of The Show Won't Go On An exploration of Show Biz Deaths and entertainers who literally died on stage in mid performance, Circus folk magicians, comedians and more. Perfect for the halloween season.

Listen to "Halloween Weird Balloon Death OnS tage With Burt Kearns" on Spreaker.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Comic Book Films Exec Producer/Writer James Tucker and The Evolution Of DC Animation

Listen to "Comic Book Films Exec Producer/Writer James Tucker and The Evolution Of DC Animation" on Spreaker. 

James has been working in DC Animation from the Days of Batman TAS To Justice League Batman The Brave and Bold and the Current DC Animated Universe. This year alone he was the continuity cop of The Death Of Superman, Reign Of The Superman Batman Hush to this month's Wonder Woman Bloodlines Ouyt Oct 22nd.

James discusses the evolutions on visual scope charcterizations and storytelling . We also debate the pros and cons of a Justice League Reunion project with the core 6 actors of the JL and JLU tv shows. Fans and the cast want it will the suits listen?

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Comic Book Films Kareem Abdul Jabbar Plays Defense For The Marvel Film Universe

Listen to "Comic Book Films Kareem Abdul Jabbar Plays Defense For The Marvel Film Universe" on Spreaker.

In his Essay at the Hollywood Reporter Jabbar wrote a balanced look at Martin Scorsese's dismisal of the MCU films as not being examples of "Cinema" He understands where Marty is coming from but also points out the brilliant film making happening in the MCU.

We look closely at his essay, then represent my 2017 interview with Kareem.  he talks about his  graphic novel from Titan Mycroft Holmes and The Apocalypse Handbook. He's a longtime Sherlock Holmes fan and we talk about his take on the elder Holmes backstory, something Arthur Conan Doyle barely hinted at in few of Sherlock's adventures. Kareem has created an exciting steampunk backdrop and envisions the young Mycroft as a dashing hero rubbing shoulders with many famous people of the 19th century. This is a great read for Holmes and steampunk fans.

We also go full blast into Kareem's life long love of comcs from buying them at his local candy store as a child, to his adult appreciation of the books today. You'll hear about encounters with comic book luminaries, adventures at san diego comic cons, and much more.

Monday, October 07, 2019

Spoiler Free Star Trek Picard & Joker Film Reviews and Filmmaker Jared Cohn

Listen to "Spoiler Free Star Trek Picard  & Joker Reviews and Filmmaker Jared Cohn" on Spreaker.  

My thoughts on The new Star Trek Picard Trailer and a Spoiler Free Mini Joker Film Review are at both ends of an interview with filmmaker Jared Cohn. Jared Has a new "trek" related film starring William Shatner and Jeri Ryan Devil's Revenge which is out now on VOD. He's also made a rock biopic about Lynyrd Skynyrd and their tragic 1978 plane crash.

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Comic Books International Podcast Day & Superman talk with Art Baltazar

Spider-Man Star Wars News and An Ad Astra Review with Larry Young

In Memourium Bill Schelly Comics premirere biographer and historian

Batman 89 Origins with Steve Englehart

Comic Books Time Capsule Geoff Johns talks 52 Infinite Crisis One Year Later JSA Titans

Listen to "Comic Books Time Capsule Geoff Johns talks 52 Infinite Crisis One Year Later JSA Titans" on Spreaker. 

From October 2006 Geoff talks about ...

Infinite Crisis
One Year Later
Superman Up Up And Away When Clark has no powers
Green Lantern Corps
Action Comics With Richard Donner
The Spike Network's Blade TV Series
His Teen Titans run
The Justice Society Revival
52 and infinite crisis
The Death Of Superboy Vs Nightwing Debate
Why Dick Grayson Matters
The Doom Patrol Titans team up
Green Lantern Rebirth
52 At Halfway Point
editorial transition from Steven Wacker to Michael Siglain
The Crazy 52 plot stuff Not Written By Grant Morriso

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Father Of The Superhero Crossover Gardner Fox With Historian Jennifer DeRoss

From The first meeting of The Justice Society, to The Flash Of Two Worlds, To The First Crisis Stories . Gardner Fox wrote them all in addition to classic Green Lantern and Batman tales. From The Golden Age To The Bronze Age Fox helped forge the modern superhero stories . In her new biography of Fox, Historian Jennifer DeRoss's examines the writer's oft forgotten contributions to DC cannon , and beyond Listen to "Father Of The Superhero Crossover Gardner Fox With Comic Book Historian Jennifer DeRoss" on Spreaker.