Saturday, February 06, 2016

Word Balloon Kwanza Osajyefo on the OGN BLACK, Zuda Comics and the early days of digital comics

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Kwanza Osajyfo tells us about the successful Kickstarter campaign for BLACK, his new OGN with Jamal Igle Tim Smith and Khari Randolph. Kwanza was also involved in early digital comics initiatives at Marvel and DC's Zuda Comics and we discuss his experiences in those arenas.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Word Balloon JM DeMatteis talks Batman Bad Blood Blu Ray Justice League 3001 and more

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A great conversation from the legendary writer of Kraven's Last Hunt, The Bwa-Ha-Ha Justice League International era, Moonshadow, and Batman: Going Sane . Marc (JM) wrote the screenplay to the new DC Animated feature Batman Bad Blood, featuring the animated debuts of Batwoman & Batwing. not to mention wrapping up the trilogy of Son Of batman.

He discuss the team oriented writing process for these DC animated films and talks about comic writing in general. We also look at his and Keith Giffen's current run on Justice League 3001, which suffered some controversy last year as some Transgendered readers took offense at their portrayal of Green Lantern Guy Gardener. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Word Balloon Hope Nicholson and The Secret Loves Of Geek Girls

Canadian Comic Historian Hope Nicholson is back to talk about her latest book of essays by comic creators and fans who write about the relationships they found and lost in the Geek world. It's a great insight into their minds and feelings, no matter your age, gender, or orientation might be. I think it makes us all feel like we're not as crazy or strange as we seem to ourselves. 

We also can't help but discuss the gender issues in comics and fandom, but we can debate gently and still respect the other's point of view.

Hope also tells of a lousy convention guest experience, and how she turned that into a positive when a very recent Atlanta show cancelled their con without informing a guest like Hope, who had paid for a table and was making the city part of an extended city travel schedule. Airfare Hotel and travel incidentals that cons wouldn't refund. So what do you do when the show gets cancelled before you can cancel travel plans? 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Word Balloon Fox TV Lucifer Show Runner Joe Henderson

Executive Producer Writer Joe Henderson joins us to preview the latest comic book adaptation from DC Comics LUCIFER. The show debuts Monday The 25th at 9 eastern/8 central on FOX following the new X-Files mini series.

Joe discusses the adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Sandman character, who later starred in Mike Carey's incredible Vertigo series. We talk about the cast the over arcing plot, and the religious controversy the show has already faced. 

Plus Joe, who's credits have included running USA hits like White Collar & Graceland gives us his point of view on competing in today's crowded good tv market. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Word Balloon The Latest Greg Rucka Debrief

Greg answers listener questions about his comics Lazarus, Stumptown, Black Magick and more. We also talk about his Star Wars work on the new Force Awakens characters in his new young adult books 

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Word Balloon Year End Review The Voices Of 2015 Pt 1

Insight into the Film and TV geek revolution of 2015 from the creative people behind our favorite TV shows and Films. Mark Millar (Kingsman The Secret Service) , Marc Guggenheim (Arrow)  Andrew Kreisberg Greg Berlanti (Flash-Supergirl) Ali Adler, Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) Jeph Loeb and Joe Quesada (Marvel TV & Film) and Brian Micheal Bendis (Powers The Television Series

Monday, December 28, 2015

Word Balloon Marty Pasko pt 2

More of our conversation with Martin Pasko the writer of classic dc comics, tv shows, and animation. 

Some of the topics include  more Alfred Hitchcock talk, the portrayals of Wonder Woman
Screenwriters Alan Brenert Bruce Landsbury and the Buck Rogers tv show
stories about old tv stars like former actress and infamous playmate Dorothy Stratton, Gil Gerard, Jack Klugman and Clayton Moore, the DC and Marvel film and tv universes
memories of the Batman Animated Series, and compiling the DC properties catalog creating one page treatmentsof all the dc characters and features

Friday, December 25, 2015

Word Balloon Marty Pasko Returns Pt1

By Popular demand Marty Pasko is back with old stories and new observations on TV Film and Comic Books. 

Among the topics we cover include The 80's twilight zone show
alien nation, adapting superman returns for a dc comic,
the reboot of star trek and the star trek original crew films the fred frieberg showrunner era of star trek, cbs westerns wild wild west and gunsmoke
40s-50s old time radio dramas alfred hitchcock's screenwriters
the editing styles of robert kanigher and joe kubert, the art of rick burchet & walt simonson and more!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Word Balloon B Clay Moore Hawaiian Dick returns

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B Clay Moore is back and so is his 2003 creation Hawaiian Dick. The Image series will return this spring , and an NBC TV series is in the works. Clay gives us the details. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


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Last year Chip's Sex Criminals live Cincy Comicon panel With Matt Fraction delighted the local and podcast audience with his irreverent humor and upbeat attitude.

Today we get a little more inside Chip's process and point of view on many topics, including notes on the newspaper industry, and his collaborations with Kagan McLeod , Joe Quinones Matt Fraction , and Erica Henderson.

Plus Chip opens up on why he refused the Harvey Award this year for his work on Sex Criminals. 

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Word Balloon Podcast Playboy's 1960s Prime With Author Patty Farmer Reilly Brown On The Infinite Appeal of Deadpool & Cable

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00:00 Patty Farmer is the author of Playboy Swings, a great look at Playboy's prime decade the 1960;s which saw the magazine evolve into the 50S & 60's definition of cool. We talk about the Playboy clubs and their influences in jazz music comedy and the emerging causes of civil rights and Womens Liberation.

45:00 Artist Reilly Brown is back to talk about hi current run on Marvels infinite comic featuring Deadpool and Cable. We talk about the evolving methods employed in making digital comics specifically for tablet and smart phone reading.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Word Balloon Podcast Jason Aaron's New Testamnet on The Goddamned , Star Wars, Thor, Southern Bastards and Weirdworld

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Jason is back to talk about his great run on Star Wars leading into the crossover with Marvel's Darth Vader book Vader Down.

We also discuss his new Image series The Goddmaned featuring warrior style drama set in bibilical times with familiar biblical heroes.

Plus news about Thor and Jason's secret war tie-ins THORS and WEIRDWORLD.
and an update on Southern Bastards both comic wise and info about the FX TV series in development.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Word Balloon Podcast Filmmakers Robert Gordon Best Of Enemies & Lucha Mexico's Alex Hammond & Ian Markowicz

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Today On Word Balloon we highlight 2 new documentaries that have blown me away with their respective stories.

First Best Of Enemies co-director Robert Gordon joins us to talk about the hotly engaged debates between intellectual giants Gore Vidal and William F Buckley. The two despised each other and their mutual hatred came out on live television during the 1968 presidential campaign. ABC hosted 10 live debates during the presidential convention season, and the two men sparred of over issues of the day, that still resonate in the political arena. Vidal was coming off his recent publocation of the political satire Myra Breckenridge, featuring a transgendered woman who takes revenge on the Hollywood insiders who screwed up her life when she was a man.Buckley was the leading voice of conservative thinkers . Both thought the others philosophies and ways of life would harm the American culture. The resulting debates were as compelling as any classic boxing match.

Then Lucha Mexico Filmmakers Alex Hammond & Ian Markowicz join us to talk about their excellent entry in this weekend's NYC DOC festival. The film explores the history and traditions of Mexican Wrestling and the Arena Mexico, home to the Lucha Libre telecasts and matches . We see the stories of current wrestlers like Shocker, Blue Demon Jr, Jon Strongman and others.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Word Balloon Podcast Tana Ford and The War On Diversity In Comics

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Tana Ford is a Gay Comics creator who's making her own comics like Duck and doing art duties for DC & Marvel on Strange Sports Stories and SILK . We talk about the slow but steady changes in diversity at the big two, her creator owned books, and a lot about star trek (this was recorded before CBS 
announced the new TV series) .

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Word Balloon Podcast The History Of Stand Up Comedy With Author Kliph Nesteroff

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Kliph Nesteroff is a fan and historian of American Comedy. His new book The Comedians: Drunks, Thieves, Scoundrels, and the History of American Comedy is packed with anecdotes from his classic television show biz blog . Kliph has an archive of one on one oral history interviews with hundreds of comedy performers and behind the scenes participants. There is hours of incredible reading there. 
In our conversation we look back from vaudeville's 1st stand ups to Louis CK and Marc Maron . We spend time looking back at the creation of the modern comedy album in the 1950s by Redd Foxx, the coffeehouse scene which created the icons Lenny Bruce Jonathan Winters leading to their spiritual successors George Carlin and Robin Williams. The comedy club drug connection of the 70s and 80s personified in the rise and fall of Gary Muledeer . Kliph closes the talk recounting the final performance of Albert Brooks & Bob (Super Dave) Einstein's dad  Harry Einstein 

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Word Balloon Podcast Sam Humphries Talks Citizen Jack and Star-Lord

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Sam Humphries talks about his new hilarious Presidential Image Comics satire with Tommy Patterson . What if a demon told a hapless half wit he could be the next US president? Has it already happened in real life?

We also talk about his current Marvel work on Star-Lord, Weirdworld, and his upcoming Boom Studios comedy Jonesy with Caitlin Rose Boyle 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Word Balloon Podcast Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon on Two Brothers Casanova and more

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The brothers discuss their new Graphic Novel Two Brothers adapted from the classic Brazilian Novel by Milton Hatoum .

We also talk about their collaborations with Matt Fraction and Michael Chabon on Casanova, Mike Mignola on BPRD, and Gerard Way on the Umbrella Academy