Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jason Aaron , Southern Man Part 1

Download The MP3 here On this episode of Word balloon, Jason Aaron is back to talk about finding the voices of the characters he writes. From discovering his take on Spider-Man for the Astonishing Spider-Man Wolverine book, and the current arc in Wolverine Weapon X. You'll hear plenty about the current Deathlok/Captain America story. We also talk a lot about the upcoming reboot of the Wolverine solo book in September, including the opening arc called "Wolverine In Hell". You'll hear about Jason's versions of a senior citizen Frank Castle, and year one depictions of The Kingpin and Bullseye in The Max Punisher series, and why Aaron felt the tone of the Max book had to change from Garth Ennis's run. Plus details about Scalped, Jason's ongoing crime series for Vertigo. RSS iTunes

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jimmy Palmiotti Rides With Jonah Hex

Download The MP3 Here We go into detail about The Jonah Hex movie. Plus discuss the best selling success of the New Hex OGN, No Way Back. An artistic overview of the diverse artists who’ve contributed to Jimmy and co-writer Justin Grey’s run. From regular artist Jordi Bernet, to co-creator Tony DeZuniga. Jimmy says 3 Bernet stories are in the drawer, and JH Williams will be returning to the book for an issue. We also talk about Jimmy and Justin’s OGN Random Acts Of Violence and the uphill battle of doing quirky little genre books. Translating the Torpedo Crime comics for IDW, His upcoming projects like WW2 espionage adventure Time Bomb, drawn by Paul Gulacy, the new Freedom Fighters for DC, and celebrate the incredible work of Amanda Conner with Jimmy and Justin on Power Girl & the Supergirl strip for Wednesday’s Comics. 444 Plus with a home on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, Jimmy talks about the BP oil spill and reminds us this gigantic environmental crisis is a problem we all share.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Bendis Tapes Part 5 & Author Edward David Gil

Download The MP3 here We continue our marathon Q&A session and discuss new avengers #1 , the current state of comic direct market sales, more movie talk, and more details of Brian's San Diego Comiccon panels. Plus a quick interview with author and avengers fan Edward David Gil about his new thriller The Expert On Everything.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Advertise On The Word Balloon Podcast

After a two year absence, Word Balloon returns to San Diego for next month's Comic Con International. I've been asked to moderate and appear on a couple of panels , in addition to my usual bird-dogging fun of roaming the isles and doing floor interviews. Leading up to the show, there will be many "Road to San Diego" episodes of Word Balloon, featuring top creators including 2 more Bendis tapes sessions. If you are a vendor or small publisher heading to the con, I'm offering an affordable advertising option for the next few weeks. Sometimes the con floor can be a blur to attendees By advertising on an episode of Word Balloon, your message will be heard by thousands, and is the best direct marketing option to guide con goers to your specific booth number, and product. This is a perfect opportunity for small publishers, vendors, etc. An ad buy on word balloon will give you a top of the show and end of the podcast commercial read by me, plus I'll perform a short phone interview with you about your San Diego promotion. To check out the affordable spot rates and more details, send me an email john@wordballoon.com

OFFER ENDS Aug 1st 2010

The Bendis Tapes Part 4

Download The MP3 Here [audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/wordballoon/WBbendistapes0610pt4.mp3] On this edition of Word balloon , it’s part four of The Bendis Tapes. More talk about Avengers Prime and New Avengers #1 plus you’ll hear about Brian’s one on one interview with writer/director David Mamet some San Diego announcements and recollections of little known career moments. Like the fact that Bendis was offered the chance to write the Dick Tracy comic strip with art by Mike Oeming, but Warren Beatty’s long standing option on the Tracy license squashed the plan. You’ll hear about his early days in Cleveland assisting Mike Gustovich on things like The Justice Machine. Plus the secret origin of “Manuel Sanchez".

Mark Schultz & Steve Bryant Remember Al Williamson

Download The MP3 here [audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/wordballoon/WBmarkschultz0610.mp3] This was supposed to be a friendly conversation with Mark Schultz, to discuss his work on DC books like The Spirit with Moritat, Mark's scripting of the Sunday Prince valiant newspaper comic strip with Gary Gianni, and past and future Schultz projects. Then we learned of the death of artist Al Williamson Sunday. Mark was good friends with Al and his wife Cori. The good news is Mark and I spent part of Thursday's conversation talking about Al's seminal work on Flash Gordon. Last Year Mark wrote the Flesk Publication Al Williamson's Flash Gordon In addition I wanted another guest to talk about more of Willaimson’s incredible art, so I roped Athena Voltaire creator Steve Bryant into a short interview about Al. The result ? A history lesson of Williamson, The Past Present and Future of Newspaper Comic Strips, and a look at Mark Schultz's body of work. Bonus: This 1990 news clip of Williamson George Evans and Dave Stevens at a Comics Convention. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMiWA8TFrlY&hl=en_US&fs=1&]

Word Balloon University Web Comics 101

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/wordballoon/WBwebcomcsWBU.mp3 ] Download The MP3 here We debut Word Balloon Unversity, with a course in Web Comics from the Summit City Comicon Panel. รข€‹ Featuring Katie Cook (Clone Wars- Gronk!) , Dave Wachter (Guns Of Shadow Valley) Mike Schwartz (Oceanverse) , and Andrew Fraizer (Bridgette's Belly)

The Bendis Tapes Part 3

Download The MP3 Here [audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/wordballoon/WBbendistapes0510pt3.mp3] On this edition of the podcast, more questions answered by Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis as we continue to discuss his runs on the Avenger titles, Ultimate Spider-Man , his creator owned properties and more. In this part, you'll hear more background on the first chapter of the Oral History Of The Avengers, Why the Next Avengers were chosen for their role in the first Avengers Arc, Comparisons of the Scarlet Witch and The Sentry's mental breakdowns, which hero was let down more by their compatriots? The continuing discussion of the $3.99 monthly comic book price. Movie talk about Spider-Man 4 , and an offer from Warner Bros to write the Flash movie? Pranks played on DC creators at Con Panels , and another healthy dose of pop culture talk.

Girlz In The Clubhouse! Kelly Sue DeConnick

Download The MP3 Here [audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/wordballoon/WBkellysuedc0610.mp3] Kelly Sue is here to talk about her recent run of stories happening at Marvel, from her One-Shots featuring Sif and Pepper Potts (Rescue) , plus stories happening in The Heroic Age & Girl Comics. Also, I feel compelled to get into a discussion about a subject that I thought wasn't relevent anymore. Is there still a glass ceiling when it comes to women creators in comics? Don't we laud several accomplished editors writers and artists? Are women being denied the chance to make books, because of gender? Kel isn't her to speak "for all womankind" , but I did want her POV, and we get it. Plus the type of random pop culture fun I'd expect from a woman who's married to Matt Fraction.KS talks about her favorite kind of female heroes and villains from Modesty Blaise to actress Rosiland Russell . Crazy timing on this talk. Kel was days away from giving birth to their daughter Tallulah . Welcome to the nut house kid, and good luck.

More Comic Film Talk with IFC's Matt Singer

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/wordballoon/WBmattsingerIFC0510.mp3] Download The MP3 here IFC Film Podcast Host and Critic Matt Singer is back to talk about this seasons new comic book films. We discuss Kick-Ass, The Losers and Iron Man 2 . How did they do and what were the studio's expectations on these and the upcoming films like Jonah Hex & Scott Pilgrim Vs The Universe? We also talk about the comic book films in production, Thor, Green Lantern & Captain America, The First Avenger, Plus Matt recommends some more lousy films to laugh at .

The Bendis Tapes Part 2 Avengers Assemble

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/wordballoon/WBbendistapes0510pt2.mp3] Download The MP3 here More of Bendis's Q&A from his Jinxworld Message Board . You'll learn more about his current runs on the Avenger books, Ultimatepider-Man Powers, his creator owned series Scarlett and Powers. Plus plenty of pop culture talk. And here's the Q&A Thread to follow along

The Bendis Tapes Part 1 Avengers Assemble

Download The Episode Here [audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/wordballoon/WBbendistapes0510pt1.mp3] It's that time again. Bendis is back to answer the questions readers posted at his jinxworld message board. Learn the secrets behind his new slate of Avengers Books, Avengers with John Romita Jr, New Avengers with Stuart Immomen, and Avengers Prime with Alan Davis. You'll hear about the line-ups and what's going on in the opening arcs. Plus deatails on the text and art back up feature THE ORAL HISTORY OF THE AVENGERS . We also discuss Brian's new creator owned series Scarlett with Alex Maleev, attending the Iron Man 2 premiere, more details about his film project FIRE starring Zac Effron , and the Marvel movies in current production Captain America, & Thor .

C2E2 Unconventional With Bendis Fraction and Chiang

Download The MP3 Here [audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/wordballoon/WBC2E2unconventional.mp3] Word balloon's coverage of Chicago's C2E2 convention begins with these three guests. First up, Cliff Chiang talks about the release of his return to drawing super heroes in today's Brave And Bold #33 featuring a girls night out between Zatanna, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman, written by J Michael Straczynski. We also talk about Greendale his original graphic novel written by Joshua Dysart, and based on the music of Neil Young. We wrap up our talk with Matt Fraction, because we had to hold back our discussion about Casanova's move to Marvel's Icon inprint, it's conversion to color, and what it's like working with the Brazilian Brother art team of Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon. Finally Brian Bendis is back to talk about his new creator owned Icon series Scarlet with co-creator Alex Maleeve . We also talk about the IPad, and other digital issues regarding Spider-Woman, Powers, The Ultimate Universe, and The Avengers .

Agents Of Atlas 3-D Man And Ape Talk With Parker & Hardman

Download The MP3 Here [audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/wordballoon/WBatlas2010parkerhardman.mp3] What do 3-D Man The Agents Of Atlas and The Planet Of The Apes Have In Common? They're all discussed in full by our guests Jeff Parker And Gabriel Hardman . Tell me you wouldn't watch the Adventures Of Armando, Circus Manager.

My Guest Spot On The Gord cast

Gordie Adams had me as a guest on his Gordcast. here's the link and the description Download the show here [audio http://media.libsyn.com/media/gordomatic/Gordcast_30.mp3] Gordie meets and interviews John Siuntres from Word Balloon, for the first time! (...beamed in from the Boom Tube or surfing on cosmic waves.) The conversation is super comic book centric, while dipping in and out of sports talk, movie talk and who's the oldest guy in the room. John admits he is not a gardener, nor a fisherman, but loves being a city guy and gives Gordie tips on how to rule the podcast waves. Gordie meets celebrities,gave up on comics, stayed cool with Love and Rockets, Cerebus, Arthur Adams and fails his own test on old time hockey conferences. They both agree that Breaking Bad and Precious (based on the novel Push by Sapphire) are tough to watch, but Schindler's List can be enjoyed? more than once. EC comics, Jack Davis, Jason Aaron, Al Feldstein, Chris Neseman, Brubaker and wonder of wonders... Bendis gets mentioned. This one goes longer than usual, but we just kept going. Just listen and enjoy!

Part 2 c2e2 View from The Floor

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/wordballoon/WBfloorC2E2pt2.mp3] Download The MP3 Here On this edition of the Word Balloon podcast, we wrap up our massive coverage of c2e2 . In part 2 we talk with Mike Perkins, who talks about being at the halfway point drawing Stephen King‘s The Stand.. Raven Gregory writor/Editor of Zenescope talks about Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and the new Charmed series. Don Kramer discusses taking over the art duties on Wonder Woman, collaborating with J. Michael Straczynski. Artist Chris Samnee talks Area 10 his Vertigo Crime Novel with Christos Gage, his upcoming new Marvel all ages book Thor: The Mighty Avenger written by Roger Langridge, and the origin of Comic Twart, the online artist jam blog, featuring many top illustrators. A massive Green Lantern creator conversation, with Doug Mahnke, Christian Allmay, Pete Tomasi and Patrick Gleason. Tom Stillwell talks about Honor Brigade and the new Toy Boy one shot. Zander Cannon discusses his work on Top 10 for Wildstorm and his book on the US-Soviet space race T-Minus with Kevin Cannon and Jim Ottaviani. Josh Elder talks about co-founding Reading With Pictures,a not for profit group trying to bring comics to the classroom, to help schools promote and encourage literacy . Andy Kuhn and Phil Hester tell us about the return of their Image Comics series Firebreather, and its coming debut as an anime film for Cartoon Network directed by Peter Chung.. Matt Kindt talks about the Super Spy The Lost Dossier for Top Shelf and his June Vertigo OGN Revolver. Web Comic creators Len Kody and Tony Maldanado talk Chicago 1968,. David Peterson talks Mouse Guard : Legends Of the Guard , and Janet Lee & Jim McCann discuss their children’s book Return of The Dapper Men both from Archaia , Chris Burnam talks about Officer Downe his new collaboration with Joe Casey for Image, and his work on Boom’s Armory Wars with Peter David, and Tom Fowler wraps things up to talk about Mysterius The Unfathomable for Wildstorm, and his work for Mad Magazine. Check out some of the amazing art.

Part 1 c2e2 View From The Floor

Download The MP3 Here [audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/wordballoon/WBfloorC2E2pt1.mp3] On this edition of the Word Balloon podcast, we begin our massive coverage of c2e2 . In part 1 of our coverage we talk with James Robinson who discusses the wrap up to his superman work, the Justice League/Justice Society crossover. Bob Layton talks about the science of Iron Man and memories of the late Dick Giordano Ande Parks on his Kato mini series from Dynamite . Steve Christie talks about Archia’s free comic book day plans, acquiring 3 fan favorite Jim Henson properties, Tumor by Joshua Fialkov & Noel Tuzon,, and the new anthology series Mouse Guard: Legends Of The Guard. Peter David and Val DeLandro talk about X-Force, Jimmy Palmiotti discusses the wrap up of Power Girl, and what’s happening with Jonah Hex. Alex Zalben on Thor and the Warriors Four for Marvel, JT Krul discusses the Fall of Green Arrow The Rise Of Arsene and his new Aspen espionage series Mindfield, Thom Zahler tells us about his Free Comic Book day issue of the superhero sitcom, Love and Capes. Gary Gianni discusses his work on The Prince Valiant comic strip, and Bill Reinhold talks about his work with Jim Shooter on the new Magnus Robot Hunter series for Dark Horse.

Steve Bryant & Digital Debates W Salazar, Simpson & Esquivel & Baker

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/wordballoon/WBstevebryantdigiitaldebate.mp3] Download The MP3 Here On this edition , a conversation with Athena Voltaire's Steve Bryant, who talks about his kickstarter drive to raise funds for his next comic epic "athena Voltaire and The Volcano Godess. You'll find a trailer for the comic and information here. Brion Salazar of Around Comics gives us his POV of the I-Pad and digital comics. Then a respectful debate with Jeffery Simpson, tech writer from straight.com as we revisit his article about digital comics and the perceived fears of their encroachment on the fragile local comic shop market And The Illegitimate sons Of John Siuntres confront their Daddy. Eric Esquivel & Dave Baker Of Modern Mythology Press talk about the ruckus we caused on twitter and Bleeding Cool all about our fake relationship.

Matt Fraxction's Fireside Q&A part 2

Download The MP3 Here [audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/wordballoon/WBmattfraction0410pt2.mp3]
In this episode of Word Balloon, host John Siuntres wraps up his marathon chat with the Marvel writer. You'll here more fan questions that lead to covering topics like the upcoming 68 page Mandarin story in the next Iron Man Annual, Matt's favorite X-Men, A sense of the direction for the first arcs of Matt's debut run on Thor,, and more.

Matt Fraction's Fireside Q&A Part 1 of 2

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/wordballoon/WBmattfraction0410pt1.mp3] Download The MP3 Here Subscribe to the Word Balloon RSS Feed Marvel writer Matt Fraction is here to discuss his current books, the craft of comic writing , and answer a ton of fan questions. The Fraction family is expecting their 2nd child, any day now, so Matt wanted to check in before he's elbow deep in diapers and formula (which is similar to when he visits Bendis ) and talk about what's ahead. We begin a 2 part word balloon conversation that will conclude next tuesday. In part 1 of Matt's Fireside chat,we pay tribute to the passing of artist/editor Dick Giordano.You'll learn the origin of The Doctor America story he co-created with Brendan McCarthy for "Who Won't Wear The Shield?" We discuss Matt's Iron Man/Thor Free Comic Book Day issue, with John Romita Jr. Fraction also takes us through his earliest editorial cues through Civil War, and all events that led to the upcoming Heroic Age. he explains the nature of iron man's series having a science fiction feel. What kind of leader has Scott Summer's become in the wake of the mutant war? How will he reconcile Psylocke's white and asian backgrounds? Matt also tells us what's next for the X-Men after second coming , gives new creators tips on where to look for young artists, and hints at some creator owned projects on the way Excerpt Revisions

Phil Hester's Stopped Chasing batgirl

Download The MP3 Here [audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/wordballoon/WBphilhester0410.mp3] Phil Hester joins us to say he’s not chasing batgirl anymore. The artist has been a busy writer creating the Anchor for Boom Studios, writing The Darkness for top cow, and black terror for dynamite. We get the lowdown on al of these series, plus Phil talks about some deals brewing for The Coffin and Fire Breather. Finally we talk about the changing comics market, and why some creators may be holding onto their best ideas for their own exploitation. The conversation starts with Phil’s role as breakdown artist on Dynamite’s Green Hornet series adapted from an unfilmed screenplay by Kevin Smith

WB Flashback Axel Alonso


John Ostrander On Star Wars Legacy & Returning to The DCU

Download The MP3 here [audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/wordballoon/WBostrander0310.mp3] Always happy to welcome back writer John Ostrander, who's back to talk about Star Wars: Legacy, and why it's at a good point to jump on if you haven't checked it out before. We also discuss his recent work at DC, like 3 spectacular issues of Secret Six, which featured an incredible one issue story on Deadshot, and a 2 issue Blackest Night tie-in that pit the Suicide Squad against The Six. We talk about Amanda Waller's apearences in Smallville, talk about new projects in the works featuring Grimjack and Munden's Bar, and wonder why DC hasn't collected John & Del Close's amazing horror-comedy shock series Wasteland.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Word Balloon Kevin Murphy Riffing With Tom Servo

Download The MP3 here On this special edition of The Word Balloon podcast, we speak with Writer/performer Kevin Murphy, best known to fans as the voice of Tom Servo,the Gumball machine shaped robot sidekick to humans Joel Hodgeson and Mike Nelson (and follow robot Crow) on the 90′s cable comedy show Mystery Science Theater 3000. “I started playing Tom Servo in the 2ND season, the first year on the Comedy Central, but I was involved with every episode of MST3k from the pilot of the local TV show, to the last episode aired on the Sci-Fi Channel.” Murphy is still cracking wise, firing one-liners at the screen, while fans view films from the cheesiest black and white b-movies to today’s box office hits as a member of RiffTrax.com with former MST3K co-hosts and writers Mike Nelson and Tom Corbett (The 2ND actor who played Crow) Just like their cable shows, rifftrax sells .mp3 performances of the trio lampooning sci-fi staples like Plan 9 From Outer Space and newer films like The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, The Harry Potter films,and even The Dark Knight. “We’re the commentary that isn’t available on your DVD, but should be.” Kevin also talks about the upcoming nationwide live Christmas Rifftrax show December 16Th, and an encore presentation the 17Th beaming to nearly 500 theaters in the country. Plus, [vimeo http://vimeo.com/10425714] Here's a neat find from 1977. DC Comics Editor Joe Orlando voices this edition of the DC Hotline with news about a few "new" titles and features, and a surprise guest , who comments on the toll free phone message promotion, which kept me calling every week.

Top Cow's World's Collide With Fillip Sablik

Download The MP3 Here [audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/wordballoon/WBtopcowFilip0110.mp3] The Top Cow publisher is here to discuss The Darkness, Witchblade, new books like Angelus, Broken Trinity:Pandora's Box, and everything that leads to this summer's TC event Artifacts. Plus Robert Kirkman & Marc Silvestri's pilot season , and Top Cow's future in the digital market.

Steve Englehart Gets To The Point Man

Download The MP3 here [audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/wordballoon/WBsteveenglehart0310.mp3] On this episode, writer Steve Englehart joins us to talk about his two novels out from Tor Books, The Point Man & The Long Man, a political intrigue/mens adventure/fantasy series featuring the immortal hero Max August. We talk about the similarities and differences of this take pn magic in the "real world" compared to his work on doctor strange. We also talk about Captain America comapring Steve's 1970s secret Empire/Watergate story, and the flap over the Teabaggers in Ed Brubaker's Cap 602. Steve also gives us something to think about as he compares the unpublished third chapter of his and Marshal Rogers Batman: Dark Detective story and some of the plot details in the film Batman: The Dark Knight. Interesting views from Englehart.

A Call To Gotham With Jeremy Haun

Download The MP3 Here [audio http://media.libsyn.com/media/wordballoon/WBjeremyhaun0310.mp3] Jeremy Haun is back to talk about the Bat-verse. From his work on Manhunter the Co Feature Of Streets Of Gotham , to his upcoming run on Detective with David Hine, Haun gives us the lowdown on what's coming up for Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne . Plus we talk about the Top Cow series Bezerker, and Haun's 2010 convention plans which include the debut of his deluxe sketchbook PORTAL, looking back at his last 10 years, featuring his work with DC Marvel, Oni Image , Wildstorm & more. Follow the link above for details on the skecthbook, including a deal on how to get the limited hardcover editon, featuring an exclusive original Haun sketch!

Special Report With Vanetta Rogers: DC's NEW MGT TEAM

Download The MP3 Here [audio http://media.libsyn.com/media/wordballoon/WBvanetarogers0210.mp3] On this episode of the word balloon podcast, Vaneta Rogers of Newsarama joins me to discuss the current big picture subjects that are part of the current comics news cycle. The conversation centers around the management announcements by DC Entertainment , but expands to include all of the comic publishers and how they are reacting to the burgeoning digital comics market, on I-pads smart phones and PSPs. Plus we talk about the slate of comic based films to be released later this year., and re-address the first full decade of the comic film genre