Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jimmy Palmiotti Rides With Jonah Hex

Download The MP3 Here We go into detail about The Jonah Hex movie. Plus discuss the best selling success of the New Hex OGN, No Way Back. An artistic overview of the diverse artists who’ve contributed to Jimmy and co-writer Justin Grey’s run. From regular artist Jordi Bernet, to co-creator Tony DeZuniga. Jimmy says 3 Bernet stories are in the drawer, and JH Williams will be returning to the book for an issue. We also talk about Jimmy and Justin’s OGN Random Acts Of Violence and the uphill battle of doing quirky little genre books. Translating the Torpedo Crime comics for IDW, His upcoming projects like WW2 espionage adventure Time Bomb, drawn by Paul Gulacy, the new Freedom Fighters for DC, and celebrate the incredible work of Amanda Conner with Jimmy and Justin on Power Girl & the Supergirl strip for Wednesday’s Comics. 444 Plus with a home on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, Jimmy talks about the BP oil spill and reminds us this gigantic environmental crisis is a problem we all share.

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Amanda said...

I can't wait to see Jimmy at the Radical panel at Comic-Con! Any fictional book that talks about the legend of Hitler's bomb is an interesting read!