Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Bendis Tapes Part 3

Download The MP3 Here [audio] On this edition of the podcast, more questions answered by Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis as we continue to discuss his runs on the Avenger titles, Ultimate Spider-Man , his creator owned properties and more. In this part, you'll hear more background on the first chapter of the Oral History Of The Avengers, Why the Next Avengers were chosen for their role in the first Avengers Arc, Comparisons of the Scarlet Witch and The Sentry's mental breakdowns, which hero was let down more by their compatriots? The continuing discussion of the $3.99 monthly comic book price. Movie talk about Spider-Man 4 , and an offer from Warner Bros to write the Flash movie? Pranks played on DC creators at Con Panels , and another healthy dose of pop culture talk.

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