Sunday, June 20, 2010

Advertise On The Word Balloon Podcast

After a two year absence, Word Balloon returns to San Diego for next month's Comic Con International. I've been asked to moderate and appear on a couple of panels , in addition to my usual bird-dogging fun of roaming the isles and doing floor interviews. Leading up to the show, there will be many "Road to San Diego" episodes of Word Balloon, featuring top creators including 2 more Bendis tapes sessions. If you are a vendor or small publisher heading to the con, I'm offering an affordable advertising option for the next few weeks. Sometimes the con floor can be a blur to attendees By advertising on an episode of Word Balloon, your message will be heard by thousands, and is the best direct marketing option to guide con goers to your specific booth number, and product. This is a perfect opportunity for small publishers, vendors, etc. An ad buy on word balloon will give you a top of the show and end of the podcast commercial read by me, plus I'll perform a short phone interview with you about your San Diego promotion. To check out the affordable spot rates and more details, send me an email

OFFER ENDS Aug 1st 2010

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