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Friday, May 04, 2018

it's Word Balloon's Anniversary month! here are some early WB conversations

On May 10th 2005 I created Word Balloon and debuted with 4 posted MP3 conversations on my website. By Sept 2005 a listener suggested I start posting my show at iTunes and the rest is history. Then in September 2006, iTunes deleted my original RSS feed and I had to re-post many interviews from the the first 17 months of the podcast.

I've been slowly re-posting many episodes, and to celebrate this month going into the podcast's 14th year, here a several all star episodes from the early WB period.

First Max Allan Collins who was interviewed for a crime comics documentary that never finished production recorded in December 2004.

Next a June 2005 talk with the incredible Colleen Doran . This was recorded within word balloon's first few weeks of existence. We talked a lot about her creator owned series A Distant Soil and Her Vertigo Collaboartion with Warren Ellis Orbiter about a crashed NASA space shuttle

Here's Paul Jenkins talking Spider-Man Hulk and other projects from December 2005.

Rags Morales was very candid about his work on Identity Crisis with Brad Meltzer and other DC projects.

and finally here's the first time Brian Michael Bendis came on the show. This was January 2006, two months before the first Bendis Tapes

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