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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Ryan Browne / Howard Chaykin Two Rebels In The Comic Book Industry

Today a great double feature with 2 distinct creators who are making creator owned comics their own way. First Ryan Browne is back with a new volume of God Hates Astronauts . The first volume was a massive kickstarter success. 
Ryan dipped his toe in the Image comics world and has decided to leave image and do his new volume using kickstarter once again. He explains why he's made this choice and what kickstarter looks like today . His new volume 3-D Cowboy's 2-D Spectacular. Is drawn by an all-star group of guest artists. The current campaign ends in less than  a week 
We also discuss his current Image collaboration with Charles Soule Curse Words , the crazy promotional tour they took last summer for the book, and a new creator owned project with Steve Seeley and Jim Terry called Trash Bridge they are currently hand selling at conventions.
Then we catch up with Howard Chaykin who’s been making his style of creator owned comics for decades.
His Divided States Of Hysteria lived up to its name with a flurry of critiques that frowned on his combination of exploitive smutty crime fiction action. We discuss today’s comic reader environment and how he’s dealing with it.
We also discuss his wickedly awesome take on today’s celebrity culture in the social media landscape with DC’s The Ruff And Reddy Show -A twisted Hanna Barbera reboot where the 50’s characters try to make a comeback and face the real world media circus at its exploitive worst. Beautifully drawn by Mac Rey.
He also has a new project in the works at Image called Hey Kids Comics which he describes as a Mad Men look at the comic book industry’s history. The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

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