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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Playboy's Comic Book Legacy With Author Patty Farmer

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Author Patty Farmer is back with a new book chronicling the history of Playboy. Her new book Playboy Laughs collects interviews and stories of the Playboy Clubs role in the evolution of stand up comedy . The cultural shift from "Take My Wife...Please" jokes to the "sick" styles of Lenny Bruce Shelly Berman & Bob Newhart, The breakthrough women like Joan Rivers and Lily Tomlin and the comics of color starting with the meteoric rise of Dick Gregory.

Plus Farmer takes an informative look at the cartoonists who were part of Playboy magazines from the start. From Jules Feiffer and Jack Cole to EC comic legends Harvey Kurtzman Jack Davis Al Jaffee Will Elder and more.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

That was great, John. This is why Wordballoon is as good as it is. The short interview at the start was such a good overview of the times by someone who was there. The playboy culture was such an amazing touchstone of the 20th century. The Casino royale music at the end made me laugh.