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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Word Balloon Podcast Superman Vs Ali & Watchmen invades DC Rebirth W Neal Adams Dave Gibbons Ed Brubaker & Brian Azzarello

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The past informs the present. Today's episode features clips from past interviews that inadvertently provide insight on some recent events.

The Death Of Sports Icon Muhammad Ali  hits me personally. As a sports reporter I covered Boxing for 16 years in print and radio, and had the opportunity to meet and interview Ali in 1991. I tell the story of our encounter that was full of the Ali magic and charm, even as his Parkinson Syndrome was slowly robbing him of the ability to speak. His ailment did NOT keep him from thinking and he proved that to me directly with his thoughts on previewing The Evander Holyfield George Foreman Championship fight.

Of Course comic fans all know a bit about the DC comics Superman Vs Muhammad Ali, which was an event unto itself. In 2005 Co-plotter and artist Neal Adams talked about his experience on the project and lots of thoughts on the man and his legacy.

Then a look at The conclusion of DC Rebirth featuring the invasion of the Watchmen story and characters in the current DC universe . Was does it mean? Should it happen, given the creators Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons have no involvement and in Moore case objects to every continuation of the original story?

These same issue came up in 2012 when DC launched Before Watchmen, featuring prequel stories of the heroes and villains drawn and written by different creators. To illustrate the debate we look back at 2012 comments from Dave Gibbons, Ed Brubaker and Brain Azzarello,

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