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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Word Balloon Podcast Marvel TV Movie and Comics Talk With Joe Quesada, Jeremy Haun, and The Filmmakers of Cicada The Movie

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First, Joe Quesada the man who helped revive Marvel starting from 1998 with the creation of Marvel Knights to his long run as Editor in Chief to the present as chief creative officer. Joe oversees the comics, films TV and more and we talk about what's been happening on screen and in the pages of Marvel. From Netflix to the ABC shows to this years films and the comic event Secret Wars. 

Then Jeremy Haun returns to talk about his Image Central series The Beauty, co-written with Jason Hurley debuting August 12th. It's a police procedural where cops are investigating a sexually transmitted disease that makes the victims more handsome of beautiful, before it kills them. How would today's world react to such an STD? Haun gives us a guided tour into the world of The Beauty.

We wrap up with the filmmakers behind Cicada The Movie. Producer Actor Jeff Kent, Director David Willis and actor Beau Crawford talk about their hilarious film project in the vein of Troma Films, and the classic 80's & 90's silly but fun horror films that filled the racks of video stores . They are in the final hours of their indie go go campaign, but if you go to their website, you'll see the trailer and find out why this is a film that needs to get made, and desrves your support! 

1 comment:

Eric Serviss said...

Another great episode! Between last week with Loeb and this week with Joe Q, you are hitting us with a lot of interesting info on the future of the Marvel Cinematic and TV universe. Also, I am all in on producing a poster for CICADA: The Movie!!!
Thanks for the hard work and dedication John!