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Monday, August 10, 2015

Word Balloon Podcast Reggie Hudlin and Comic Collector World Record Holder Bob Bretall

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First Reggie Hudlin joins us to discuss the return of Milestone Media. Hudlin promises new projects are on the way, as well as the return of Static Rocket Hardware and the Dakota World. We also talk about his films House Party, Boomerang and producing D'Jango Unchained with Quentin Tarantino.
Hudlin also wrote the D'Jango Vertigo comics adaptation (the series won an Eisner in 2014), plus Marvel runs of Black Panther and Spider-Man. Hudlin also produced the Marvel Knights Black Panther Animated series on BET where he also served as that network's president. Reggie gives us his POV on the current geek market, and a look back at the 70's style of heroes of color.

 "I’m sorry to say that my day job has kept me away from hearing about the recent Marvel Hip Hop cover discussion and the questioning of Marvel's efforts to hire more creators of color until late last week. I’m also sorry to say I didn’t have the chance to talk about these issues directly with Reggie, though he did mention that Axel Alonso had helped him with his transition to writing comic books.
His and Denys Cowan’s quotes about Alonso’s active search for diverse creators in the interview link below represent the consistent opinions I hear from all creators who’ve worked with Axel at Vertigo & Marvel, and frankly Joe Q as well before Axel’s reign as Marvel’s editor in chief.
I think it’s important for all sides to be heard (or read) in such a discussion."

Then Bob Bretall, holder of the Guiness Book World Record as the owner of the world's largest private comic book collection . We'll talk about the Bronze and Silver Ages, our mutaul love of Steranko and Doc Savage, the best panels at this year's  and what you can do to make your collection as big as Bob's. Check out Bob's website too, at

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