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Friday, March 02, 2012

Crossing The Comic Book Digital Barrier With Scott Snyder Mark Waid and Jay Faerber

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On this edition of Word Balloon writer Scott Snyder joins us to discuss his incredible run on Batman which continues with the Court Of Owlssaga. We look back at last year's Detective Comics arc The Black Mirror and look ahead to the back up Owl stories in Batman and the coming crossovers in the Bat family books. We also discuss his new take on Swamp Thing and it’s coming crossover with Animal Man written by Snyder’s good friend Jeff Lemiere.

Mark Waid is back to talk about wrapping up his Boom Studios books Irredeemable and Incorruptible . We dissect his current run on Daredevil for Marvel comics, plus Mark gives us his view of how the comic book business has changed in the ast 10 years. Mark also teases his creator owned digital comic book plans which will be announced at this year’s Wonder-Con in Anaheim later this month.

We wrap up with writer Jay Faerber , whose crime comic Near Death has just finished its first arc with the first trade available in stores and issue 6 debuts later this month. Jay is also on the writing staff of Sarah Muchelle Geller’s CW TV series Ringer, and he tells us behind the scene details of the show as they await word on if we’ll get a second season or not. Jay also talks about his 10 plus years at Image Comics, and compares the current creator owned digital comics scene to what’s happening in television drama and it’s new platforms beyond network and Cable TV.

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00:00 -  30:39             Scott Snyder
30:40 - 118:15             Mark Waid
118:16-End Of Show   Jay Faerber

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