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Friday, February 24, 2012

Comic Books Past Present And Future With Neal Adams and Tony Akins

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On this episode of Word Balloon, legendary artist Neal Adams is back to discuss many issues of the current comic book scene. From finding a neutral way to help Gary Friedrich's financial situation, without taking sides in the Disney-Friedrich-Ghost Rider lawsuit, to DC and Marvel's new place in their corporate parents business.
Neal talks about the recent Comic Book films based on DC Marvel and Dark Horse properties, and asks why wasn't John Stewart in the Green Lantern movie, given his prominent place on TV's Justice League series, which had a built in audience of millions?

You'll also hear a good dose of comic book history. From Neal's point of view of the Pinoy artist invasion of the 1970's with guys like Tony De Zuniga and Alfredo Alcala, plus other Adams peers like John Buscema, and Gene Colan.

We discuss Batman Odyssey and Neal's Dark Horse Presents serial Blood. Plus some current and future projects including hints at a new Marvel project. We wrap up with an interesting look at how the idea of the motion comic has evolved into Neal's work in animatics for the motion picture industry.

Then Tony Akins talks about joining the creative team on DC's Wonder Woman sharing alternate art chores with Cliff Chaing. Tony and WW writer Brian Azzarello are longtime Chicago Comic creator pals, going back to the days of companies like Now comics and Comico, and they've been trying to work together on various Vertigo projects for years. The former Jack Of Fables artist admits he's not a big super hero fan these days, but this warrior versus horror villains take on WW intrigued Tony enough to take himself out of the running for some other big ticket books.

Being a working vet of the Chicago Comics scene for over 20 years, Tony talks about the old days of Chicago's thriving comic book publishing scene in the 80'sand 90's, and looks ahead to his pending move to Seattle later this year.

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WilliamHenryHarrison said...


Another great set of interviews. You mentioned in the Tony Akins segment that you are interested in talking with Colorists, but lack the vocabulary. I think you should do a whole show dedicated to Colorists, about the craft itself. I too have been interested in the process of coloring in comics for a long time, but do not have the background or vocabulary to intelligently discuss it.

Could you have a colorist on the show to help walk us through the craft? What makes a good colorist? What are common mistakes in the field? It could be like a WB university class!