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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Jason Aaron, Southern Man Part 2

Download The MP3 Here Here’s part 2 of my summer conversation with Jason Aaron. We talk about Jason’s views on the relationship between Spider-Man and Wolverine and the vibe he’s trying to cinvey in their team-up book. We talk abut Scalped and where the story is in terms of it’s series arc. Jason compares the editing styles of Axel Alonso and Will Dennis , and talks about the evolution of Vertigo Comics. We also discuss the differences between Vertigo and Marvel’s MAX line. Like many returning guests of Word Balloon, the conversation turns to our favorite Movies, TV and Music. We talk about Tv shows like Michael Mann’s Crime Story, the FX series Justified, and the films of William Petersen , and Jason’s love of country music.

1 comment:

Dennis said...

Great artist. I discovered his books after reading his Black Widow story in 'Strange tales'.