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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

SDCC 2010 Kathryn and Stuart Immonen

Download The Mp3 Here I was honored to host this spotlight panel focusing on the careers of Kathryn and Stuart Immonen from their beginnings in the late 1980’s black and white independent comics scene in Toronto. We talk about their first joint project Playground a punk rock murder mystery , and subsequent work for Vortex, Caliber and Revolutionary Comics . They also go in-depth about their new graphic novel Moving Pictures from Top Shelf, which collects the entire story that was first presented as a weekly web comic. Stuart discussed how he arrived at the style for the web comic, which he could conform to without straying too far from his daily drawing style for books like Ultimate Spider-Man and New Avengers . You’ll also hear about their next collaboration which is just getting started called Russian Olive To Red King. You’ll hear about Kathryn’s latest writing efforts from the recent weekly 5 part mini series Heralds for Marvel , her Shamrock story in Girls Comics drawn by Colleen Coover, and call backs to her work on Runaways with Sara Pichelli and Hellcat with David LaFuente . Kathryn promises more Patsy Walker/Hellcat in the near future. Stuart also discusses the prospects of more Nextwave from himself and Warren Ellis, and his current work on New Avengers with Brian Bendis.

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