Thursday, April 07, 2016

Word Balloon TV's Highlander Adrian Paul and Batman Author Glen Weldon

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Very excited to welcome Adrian Paul, Highlander's Duncan Macloud . Of course we talk about the series and new film projects he's working on, but Paul is also conducting amazing seminars in a program called The Sword Experience. It gives participants the chance to learn sword fighting techniques from Adrian himself. A great opportunity for actors, historic reenactors, LARP players and more.

They're happening in great cities and exotic locales all over the world beginning this weekend in California, and next month in Chicago. Paul describes the activities and techniques learned at the day long experiences, which include photo and video opps, luxurious meals and more. We also talk about his own podcast Peace Radio, his charity work and  get his action hero view on today's exploding interest in genre fiction.

Then author and NPR correspondent Glen Weldon talks about his latest book The Caped Crusade Batman And The Rise Of Nerd Culture, from Simon and Schuster . A great chance to discuss Batman thru the decades and his impact on the fans sometimes changing the interpretation of the character. We look at some of the decades, and of course talk about the polarizing reactions to Batman V Superman.

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filmfanatic said...

Great show in general John, though this episode with the somewhat smug Glen Weldon while entertaining I respectfully disagree with both of your comments on BVS. But that being said continue the great interviews. I do think both of your readings of the movie are influenced by sensibility of the time you read comics. Also I think filmic incarnations are a different animal from the comics. I would say that it was a courageous take by a major studio. Thank you