Friday, April 01, 2016

Word Balloon Exclusive The Greg Rucka Debrief Coming Back To DC, Wonder Woman , and the impact on his creator owned books

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The title says it all. In his first interview after DC Comics broke the news in their Re-Birth presentation Greg Rucka joins us to talk about the decision to return to DC to write Wonder Woman with alternating artists Liam Sharp and Nicola Scott. The first arc is called Lies and will alternate with a Year One WW story featuring Nicola's art.

It's been 7 years since Rucka abruptly left DC after just getting started co-creating the new Batwoman with artist JH Williams. Why comeback now? How does it effect his current output of creator owned books and webcomics, like Lazarus, Stumptown Lady Sabre?  Most directly how does it impact Black Magick which features co-creator Nicola Scott, who's joins Greg on this Wonder Woman Project?

Greg give us all the answers in this exclusive conversation.

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