Thursday, August 01, 2013

Word Balloon Podcast SDCC Coverage Movie & TV Talk With Bendis Fraction Hardman & Pfeifer, and Chicago Comic Con 2013 Preview

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We continue our post San Diego Comic Con coverage talking to the Filmmakers and talking heads of Necessary Evil, The DC Comics documentary about their bad guys. Scott Devine and Robot Chicken's Kevin Shinnick have the details.

Then some summer blockbuster Movie talk with Matt Fraction & Brian Michael Bendis

We debut Word Balloon Scene Missing with Comic creators Gabe Hardman & Will Pfeifer talking about the films of Jack Webb

And we preview Chicago Comic Con 2013 happening August 8th-the 11th in Rosemont IL


Nathan Cabaniss said...

Loved the Scene Missing segment, and would definitely love to hear more of those.

Another great Jack Webb performance would be 1950's DARK CITY, where he not only appears alongside a baby-faced Charlton Heston, but also with future DRAGNET partner Harry Morgan. It's a really great, strange noir, and Webb plays almost the complete opposite of Joe Friday as a cowardly thug who acts tough.

Leandro said...

Fraction's sound remembers me also of the horn of the alien machines in Spielberg's War of the Worlds.