Friday, April 12, 2013

Word Balloon Podcast Brian Michael Bendis Part 1 and Jeffery Brown's Take On Star Wars : Vader's Little Princess

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On this episode of Word Balloon, it's part 1 of a new Bendis Tapes as writer Brian Michael Bendis joins us for a new look at All New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Age Of Ultron, Ultimate Spider-Man and Powers Bureau.

Then Jeffery Brown talks about his Star Wars humor books Darth Vader And Son, and Vader's Little Princess. What would it have been like if Darth Vader raised his 2 children ? Plus Jeffery talks about his film Save The Date which debuted at Sundance last year, and is coming out on DVD Tuesday April 16th. He also has a new book coming out from Top Shelf in June.

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Andy said...
Johnston: But just so that Brian knows, I got the Angela information from a comics pro, not a retailer and went to Marvel with it before running anything. They asked me not to run the story as was, so I this ran instead.
I was happy to hold the Angela news, but Marvel then arranged with the New York Times to run the story, so then I ran this afterwards.
I don’t think I had half the story, I think I was pretty accurate and not wanting to spoil things for people. Probably more than some people would like…

Felt people listening to the show should hear both sides of the story