Friday, April 05, 2013

Word Balloon Podcast Mike Carey Frank J Barbiere and Andrew Gaska

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3 Great discussions with 3 talented writers...

Mike Carey, back from Fables Con talks about the event along with his new BOOM! STUDIOS book SUICIDE RISK. We also discuss his Vertigo books THE UNWRITTEN and LUCIFER

Frank J. Barbiere talks about the debut of his new Image Comic FIVE GHOSTS

and we wrap up with Andrew Gaska who's writing fantastic stories in the worlds of SPACE 1999 PLANET OF THE APES and BUCK RODGERS IN THE 25th CENTURY for Archaia . Drew also shares stories of his studies at the School Of Visual Arts learning from comic masters like Denny O'Neil and Joe Orlando.

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Neil's Odd Thoughts said...

Hi there John.

First time listener.

Great set of interviews, particularly with Drew Gaska. In fact Drew summed it up for me with his departing comment when he said "it was great to be interviewed by someone familiar with the work . . rather than ask generic questions".

I picked up Drew's book "Critical Millennium" at Dragon Con last year and had to read it in one sitting - the book just would not leave my fingers. A fantastic story, beautifully woven, with some astonishing artwork.

I'll be coming back to hear more like this. :)

[Sorry if this came through twice. I have mixed successes posting comments through Blogger.]