Friday, February 10, 2012

Before Watchmen Scott Porter Jim Henson's Tale Of Sand and Tom Fowler

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On this week's Word Balloon, we cover a lot of pop culture ground. First DC Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development John Rood and SVP of Sales Bob Wayne discuss The Before Watchmen project, and debate the question of what happens to creator owned deals that hinged on reverting back to the creators once a book's print run sold out now that digital books have infinite copies and would never "sell out" .

Then actor Scott Porter joins us. Scott played Cyclops on the G4 X-Men and Wolverine anime series and X-Men Destiny Video Game , but you might know him better in his TV roles as George Tucker on Heart Of Dixie, Friday Night Lights QB Jason Street , or as Rex Racer in the Wachowski's Speed Racer Film . As a huge comic fan, Scott is in a great position to give us his point of view on the current Hollywood -Superhero Genre relationship.

Keeping with the film discussion, Archaia's Editor In Chief Steve Christy and artist Ramon Perez are up next to talk about adapting the 1967 Jim Henson Jerry Juhl screenplay Tale Of Sand as an original graphic novel. We talk about the book, and a side of Filmmaker Jim Henson Muppet fans might not be aware of.

Finally artist Tom Fowler joins us to discuss Hulk Season One, the 100 page original graphic novel written by Fred Van Lente. Fowler talks about some unique ways he's addressing the art, plus we talk about his work on Venom with rick Remender, and loads of canadian pop culture talk.

Time Code
00:00 -  14:48 Wayne and Rood on Before Watchmen
14:49 -  51:42  Scott Porter On G4's  X-Men Anime, Speed Racer and More
51:43 - 140:39 Ramon Perez and Steve Christy On Jim Henson's Tale Of Sand
1:40:40- End Of Show Tom Fowler on Hulk Season One Venom and More

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