Sunday, May 03, 2009

View From The Floor At The FX Con Pt 2

Download the mp3 here More of Word Balloon's audio coverage from the floor of April's FX International convention in Orlando .Featuring one on one talks with Olivier Coipel (THOR, HOUSE OF M) , Matt Kindt (PISTOL WHIP, SUPER SPY), Tony Bedard (REBELS) Chuck Dixon (GI JOE, The Simpsons), Steve Rude (NEXUS), and Arthur Suydam (MARVEL ZOMBIES, CHOLLY & FLYTRAP). Here are some quotes and tidbits from the conversations... Expect The announcement of what's next for Coipel and Marvel during this summer's con season. Matt Kindt's new OGN 3-Story The Secret History of the Giant Man will be out from Dark Horse ."It's a weird story that takes place in the 40's,50's and 60's with the narrative from the POV of his Mother, His Wife, and his daughter." Tony Bedard on REBELS: "I think we've had enough with stories that are so intertwined, they never get a chance develop their own personality. We want to give these characters a chance to develop on their own terms and give them their own corner of the DC universe to play's one of those books where you really don't know who will survive in a given issue...Vryl Dox wants to do good, but6 he doesn't mind if you. die in the process." Chuck Dixon is taking over chronicling the tales of "The Man With No Name" in the soon to be retitled The Good, The Bad & The Ugly from Dynamite. Steve Rude: Lots of Nexus Product Nexus The Origin: Remastered , "Nexus: As it Happened Volume 1" a black and white Archive, and the long-awaited conclusion of Nexus: Space Opera due out in July. Arthur Suydam: For Radical Working on Hercules Aladdin and Shrapnel they're also releasing Cholly and Flytrap Center City featuring Suydam's post apocalyptic sci-fi duo . It comes out in June.

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