Friday, May 01, 2009

Dan Slott 2 Part Interview

On this edition of The Word Balloon podcast, we present a 2 part conversation with Dan Slott. In part 1 Dan discusses the current events in Amazing Spider-Man. On Amazing #600 and the return of Doctor Octopus "One of the things we wanted to do was take the villains off the board for awhile so when they come back it's big...John Romita Jr and I get to tell this 60 page story...We're building towards season 2 of Spidey which begins after we wrap up some stuff in issue #600." On the mysterious background of Mister Negative "I can't wait fir people to know more about him...I gave Fred Van Lente some big for his upcoming Mister Negative mini series...but there's more coming including ties to previously established spider-man characters. Let's leave it at that. " Download Part 1 here In part 2 Dan talks about the events in Mighty Avengers, from the revelation that Loki has been manipulating the Mighty and Dark Avengers, to the Mighty teams upcoming encounter with the Fantastic Four. On Mighty Avengers and Dan's choice to make Hank Pym leader of the Avengers"It will get more messed up as we go along...for all of Hank's fault he is a genius and has a very non linear way of thinking...but he's still that messed up freak who built Ultron...the question is how do you redeem him?...Some stink doesn't go away no matter how hard you's nice to have Hank on this redemptive path... he may never get rid of his past sins, but his trying makes him heroic." Download Part 2 here

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