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Sunday, October 22, 2017

The State Of The Geek Industry With Vaneta Rogers

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The Newsarama reporter is back to talk about the concerns of the direct market, and a look at the film and TV superhero output of 2017

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Anonymous said...

Finally listened to this episode. Very entertaining.

In regards to the frustration and calls for people to be fired (I believe they're referring to online people such as Diversity & Comics), there isn't a call for good writers to be fired. Some writers have been hired that from the outside looking in, appear to have been hired because of surface traits and not experience or proven talent. In those cases they should never have been hired and so should be fired now that they are there and still not doing good work. I have seen no one in that community who hate anyone based upon ethnicity, gender, or sexuality. Anyone who thinks otherwise either hasn't been listening or is taking something out of context.

Enjoy the show