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Monday, April 10, 2017

Comic Book Diversity and The Direct Market Deabte With Pop Culture Analyst Rob Salkowitz

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Lot's of recommended reading for this episode. This all came out of a Marvel Summit with Comic Store retailers held last month. Read Milton Griep's ICV2 coverage of the summit and his interview with Marvel's SVP of sales and marketing David Gabriel .

The coverage sparked a massive online debate and discussion about how the new characters of color and diversity are being received by comic book readers.

Is there a big difference between the direct store market wednessday warriors and the bookstore buying-tv viewer and film going masses that represent the "new younger reading audience"?

Are the big 2 publishers DC and Marvel struggling to cater to both audiences?

Rob Salkowitz has written editorials at ICV2 about the questions discussed at the marvel summit and the problem both companies have when they try to create new diverse characters .

Also read G Willow Wilson's blog post giving her POV on why a character like Ms Marvel works.

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