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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Word Balloon Podcast San Diego Comic Con Panels With Greg Pak Calvin Reid Heidi MacDonald and Rob Salkowitz

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This year at Comic Con, I had the pleasure of moderating these 2 informative panels about the comic book and geek marketplaces, the changiong demographics and ways content creators manufacturuers and cartoonists are changing the ways they do business.

(7:41) First the 10th Annual Comic Book Podcaster Panel featured writer Greg Pak, who talked about how podcasts have evolved in helping him promote his works, along with podcasters John and Kay Mayo of Comic Book Page, and Publshers Weekly analyst/podcast host Calvin Reid.

(1:34:39) We wrap up with The Future Of Fandom Panel created by Author Rob Salkowitz (Comic Con and The Business Of Pop Culture) and featuring Heidi Mac Donald (Publisher of The Beat) and Brett Schenker of Graphic Policy, who's been breaking down facebook analytics to determine the demographics and buying habits of men and women who consider themselves geek fans.

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