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Monday, July 27, 2015

Word Balloon Podcast Marvel TV's Jeph Loeb On Daredevil,Shield, Agent Carter, Jessica Jones, & Luke Cage Greg Pak on Superman Hulk & More

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The head of Marvel Television comes back for a new in depth Loeb Report.  We get Jeph's observations on the Netflix shows Daredevil Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, plus a look back at ABC's Marvel Agents Of Shield, Agent Carter and what the future holds? Plus the 8 year wait is over as the Loeb-Tim Sale collaboration is on again with the long awaited tale of Captain America: White

Then Greg Pak is back to talk about the new Status Quo Of Superman in his work on Action Comics with Aaron Kruder, plus the low powered Clark Kent Meets the new Batman, Jim Gordon in Pak's  Batman-Superman with artist Ardian Syaf. We also get the  low down on Greg's new creator owned projects, a kickstarter campaign to fund a very funny kids book ABC Disgusting with Takeshi Miyazawa , an exciting new western with a supernatural twist called Kingsway West from Dark Horse Comics, and there's going to be a new green goliath for Marvel comics courtesy of Greg and Frank Cho, who can this new Totally Awesome Hulk be?

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