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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Word Balloon Podcast Jeph Loeb On Marvel Agents Of Shield THOR 2 & Marvel's 2015 4 New Netflix Series, Ross Richie Talks BOOM! & 2GUNS and Comics Experience Andy Schmidt

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On Today's Word Balloon, Jeph Loeb returns for a new Loeb Report. We talk about the new Marvel-Netflix TV Deal , Thor 2 and it's connection to the Nov 19th episode of Marvel agents Of SHIELD. The talk expands into a look at the relationship between Marvel Movies TV and The comics, and where the geek industry is now compared to the pre-2000 years.

(Note The interview took place before today's news that Drew Goddard will be the Daredevil show runner for the Netflix series.)

Ross Richie looks back at 2013 and Boom! Studios, including the roller coaster success of 2GUNS both as a comic series, and the summer film. We talk about BOOM's new relationship with FOX , and his thoughts on the evolution of the Geek Culture.

We wrap up with Andy Schmidt , who made his bones at Marvel editing the Anilhilation Marvel Cosmic event, and IDW's reboot of GI Joe.He also talks at length about his online comic book school Comics Experience, and what his program offers to writers and artists.

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