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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Word Balloon Podcast Scott Allie Mike Norton Gabe Hardman Jenny frison Steve Seeley Mike Gallagher

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From the back allaey at Aw Yeah Comics In Skokie, Scott Allie & Mike Norton talk about Dark Horse . Editor in chief Allie talks about the DH line and the company's current push for new superheroes, reviving old ones, the Star Wars Books and Joss Whedon-verse.

Norton talks about Battlepug, and taking over art chores on Tim Seeley's Thwe Occultist.

Steve Seeley and Jenny Frison discuss Hoax Hunters from Image Comics.

Mike Gallagher talks about his podcast Film Jury and his Kickstarter campaign co-creating the Steampunk Heroine Annabelle Avery

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