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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Word Balloon Podcast Comic Con Coverage with Mike Norton The Comic Podcaster Panel & JK Woodward and Keith DeCandido

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On this episode of Word Balloon the San Diego Comic Con coverage begins. First a Spotlight Panel Featuring Eisner award winner Mike Norton , with a look back on his entire career culminating in his 2 current works, The Web Comic BattlePug and Revival with Tim Seeley.

Then the 8th Annual Comic Book Podcaster Panel Featuring John Mayo, Jimmy Aquino Collin Kilpatrick Heidi MacDonald Ben Blacker Brian Christman and myself.

Finally a conversation with JK Woodward & Keith DeCandido about their Kickstarter Campiagn for tyhe Original Graphic Novel DRAGON PRECINCT

Time Cues

00:00 SDCC Mike Norton Spotlight Panel

53:29 SDCC Comic Book Podcast Panel

1:48:11 JK Woodward & Keith DeCandido

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