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Friday, November 09, 2012

Jeff Lemire JM DeMatteis Jason Aaron Esad Ribic and Tony Moore

Download The MP3 here On this episode of Word Balloon we start things off with Jeff Lemire, who made news this week as DC announced him taking over Green Arrow .We also cover Jeff's work on Justice League Dark , Animal Man and his Top Shelf OGN The Underwater Welder. Next writer JM DeMatteis returns to discuss his new book from IDW Adventures Of Augusta Wind , an inventive new fantasy series drawn by Vasillis Gogtzilas . DeMatteis has a 16 page story coming up in Amazing Spider-Man 700 from Marvel, and previews some new animation projects coming up in 2013. Jason Aaron is back in another Marvel Next Big Thing Press conference to explain the new direction for Thor: God Of Thunder. He's joined by artist Esad Ribic and editor Lauren Sankovich. Finally Tony Moore talks about his involvement in a new convention he's setting up for Cinncinatti . He and local retailer Kendall Swafford explain their plans for the September 2013 show and their current kickstarter campaign . Then, Tony gives us details about his current work on Deadpool for Marvel, the upcoming Fear Agent Omnibus , and his thoughts on today's creator owned comics market. Time Code 00:00 - 55:19 Jeff Lemire 55:20 - 149:23 JM DeMatties 149:24 - 236:43 Jason Aaron Esad Ribic & Laruen Sankovich 236:44 - End Tony Moore

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