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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Drawing The Bat Part 2 With Francesco Francivillia

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On this edition of Word Balloon., comic artist Francesco Francavilla joins us for a nice converstaion about his process, from his pencils inking and coloring.

We talk about his incredible recent work on books like DC's Detective Comics with Scott Snyder on the long awaited returnof James Gordon Jr,and Marvel's The Black Panther Man Without Fear series with David Liss.

We also talk about his Zorro work for Dynamite with Matt Wagner, his western story in Image Comics Outlaw Territory,
His story for the Jim Henson Storytellers Anthology from Archaia and his covers for The Lone Ranger-Zorro crossover.

Francesco describes the comic art studios of Italy, and how they are able to do monthly comics
that are 96 pages per issue.

Plus we discuss Francavilla's website Pulp Sunday, featuring more sketches web comics and lobby card
designsand his contributions to the artists blog Comic Twart. Check out his amazing art at his website .

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