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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Steve Bryant & Digital Debates W Salazar, Simpson & Esquivel & Baker

[audio] Download The MP3 Here On this edition , a conversation with Athena Voltaire's Steve Bryant, who talks about his kickstarter drive to raise funds for his next comic epic "athena Voltaire and The Volcano Godess. You'll find a trailer for the comic and information here. Brion Salazar of Around Comics gives us his POV of the I-Pad and digital comics. Then a respectful debate with Jeffery Simpson, tech writer from as we revisit his article about digital comics and the perceived fears of their encroachment on the fragile local comic shop market And The Illegitimate sons Of John Siuntres confront their Daddy. Eric Esquivel & Dave Baker Of Modern Mythology Press talk about the ruckus we caused on twitter and Bleeding Cool all about our fake relationship.

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