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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mark Schultz & Steve Bryant Remember Al Williamson

Download The MP3 here [audio] This was supposed to be a friendly conversation with Mark Schultz, to discuss his work on DC books like The Spirit with Moritat, Mark's scripting of the Sunday Prince valiant newspaper comic strip with Gary Gianni, and past and future Schultz projects. Then we learned of the death of artist Al Williamson Sunday. Mark was good friends with Al and his wife Cori. The good news is Mark and I spent part of Thursday's conversation talking about Al's seminal work on Flash Gordon. Last Year Mark wrote the Flesk Publication Al Williamson's Flash Gordon In addition I wanted another guest to talk about more of Willaimson’s incredible art, so I roped Athena Voltaire creator Steve Bryant into a short interview about Al. The result ? A history lesson of Williamson, The Past Present and Future of Newspaper Comic Strips, and a look at Mark Schultz's body of work. Bonus: This 1990 news clip of Williamson George Evans and Dave Stevens at a Comics Convention. [youtube=]

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