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Friday, January 30, 2009

The Bendis Tapes 2009 Part 3 Brian's Dark Reign

On this episode Of the Word Balloon podcast, it's part 3 of the Bendis Tapes. We continue our marathon sessions answering questions posed to the Marvel writer at his message board. Some of The Answers Brian gave included these tid bits... Q-"How can Wolverine work with the unregistered "criminal" New Avengers, But also serve in the X-Men who've been helping the San Francisco Police Department? Shouldn't he be arrested? Bendis-"Sounds Like there's Hell coming for Wolverine in the next few months.." Q-"Do you and the other Marvel writers do table reads of scripts, when you meet at the Marvel retreats?" Bendis-"We all gather around and read Jeph Loeb's Hulk books and scream at each other...Actually Dan Slott and I did compare how we would both approach doing a certain scene, but it's not like Cos Play. It's more about theory. You won't see Beta Ray Slott wearing his helmet, while he reads ." Bendis- "There will be lots of Spider-Woman news at the New YorkComicon...I have very strong ambitions with Spider-Woman and other projects that will be announced. I've dedicated my life towards, another level of things that I would like to attempt in mainstream comics. (after Secret Invasion) it would be very easy to be lazy this year, but I've gone elsewhere with that thought. [sic]"

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