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Monday, November 17, 2008

Gene Ha On the Return Of Top 10

Top 10 is back! The Wildstorm series is two issues into the new story arc, written by Zander Cannon and drawn by Gene Ha. On this edition of Word Balloon, Gene runs down many behind the scenes design details, of Top 10's characters, plus we'll take a detailed look at a preview page of issue #3, and the various easter eggs in the scenes depicted. Comparing the writing styles of the series creator, and current writer, Gene reminds readers that Zander Cannon was providing layouts and inks for the first twelve issues of Top 10, and was Moore's artist on the follow up Smax mini series. "I think Zander isn't quite as gritty or innovative as Alan was, but I think he's actually a bit better with dialog. Alan usually described his action in the dialog, whereas Zander trusted me enough to draw the action clearly enough. now watch Alan going to find out about this, and will hate me (laughs)." Ha says Moore has been briefed on the direction of season two. "It would killed us to find out that Alan hated what we were doing continuing the series. Zander sent him a detailed description of the plot we were doing, but never heard back. ...but i called him after I started drawing it, and he said he really liked what Zander had sent him." When asked where Officers Smax and Toybox were in the new story, Gene assures readers they will be back, later in the series. Ha is on board for the first story arc and then has a secret Vertigo project coming up. Gene also shows us an interesting convention sketch motif he likes to experiment with. He gets a writer to describe a single image story scene, and Gene will bring it to life. click on the images above to see what we're talking about.

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