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Friday, January 18, 2008

The Loeb Report Part 3

Word Balloon Host John Siuntres continues to ask Marvel writer Jeph Loeb questions provided by the podcast's listeners. In this wrap up to The Loeb Report, Jeph looks back at past projects like Heroes Reborn and his relationship with Rob Liefeld, Batman-Hush, and some unused ideas for All Star Batman and Robin. Here are some transcribed highlights... The Wolverine arc with Simone Bianci was meant to put an end to Sabertooth's killing spree. "I feel like when a villain takes that many lives it diminishes the heroes because of the continued was my intention to try to figure out their relationship, and once you try to define something there will be some people who will disagree with it, and some who say, "oh that's cool." That story isn't done it was supposed to be 12 parts but there was no way with Simone's schedule to get it done, is my hope that we will get together to do the last six, and there may be surprises so people will understand the first six a whole lot better." Why return to onslaught reborn? "The reason we all did O.R. was because Marvel offered me a chance to make a substantial contribution to my son's scholarship fund. Rob and Sam had a special relationship. He enjoyed poking fun at Rob and saying "So people actually like your art?" When I knew Rob was doing it, I was on on board." On Bringing Jason Todd back in Hush "Nobody liked Jason they thought it was the worst idea in the world to bring him back for the story. it was my feeling that he had been forgotten. I didn't intended to bring Jason fully back... dead is dead as far as I was concerned, but it was my idea to leave his body missing at the end of the story." The future of NBC's Heroes stories "The focus on the older generation of heroes (Linderman's group) will continue. WHEN depends on when the WGA strike gets settled. Volume 3 is called Villains and will begin with the next episode. I think season three will be outrageous and bombastic. There's no doubt we'll be back to work in June, but (the strike) is an important issue. " Will Jeph be working with Michael Turner and the aspen crew again? "Yes, and there's a major announcement forth coming."

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