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Monday, February 26, 2007

The Bendis Tapes Post NYCC Special Edition,, and Newsarama present a special post NYCC podcast, featuring WB host John Siuntres interviewing Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis, with his exclusive comments on the projects announced at this weekend's convention. In this special edition of THE BENDIS TAPES, Brian gives his thoughts on DAREDEVIL : END OF DAYS, his THE END project co-written by David Mack, with art by Klaus Janson, Bill Sienkewicz, and Alex Maelev,and his work with Maelev on the first arc of the new Marvel ongoing HALO series, produced in conjunction with Bungie and Sony. In addition, Brian discusses behind the scene facts about CIVIL WAR:THE CONFESSION , The current and future issues of NEW AVENGERS: ILLUMINATI , and the upcoming arcs in NEW AVENGERS and MIGHTY AVENGERS. If you want to hear more about the future of Mighty Avengers New Avengers, Ultimate Spider-Man, and a whole lot more, the 2007 winter edition of THE BENDIS TAPES podcasts start Tuesday Podtrac Player

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