Thursday, December 19, 2019

Mark Millar, The Barefoot (Netflix) Exectutive

In this new chat, Mark Millar opened up about being a Netflix executive. In April 2017 The streaming company bought Millarworld Mark's comic book imprint and story library , and hired him to oversee their adaptations to film and TV properties and create new concepts.

In this interview he discusses the production progress on several of his comic creations
being adapted into films and television series including Jupiter's Legacy,
American Jesus, and Huck. You'll hear about casting choices, screenwriters and directors
for the various projects. Plus he talks about the status of the Millar properties
at other studios made prior to the Neflix deal like Kick-Ass Kingsman
Starlight and Nemesis.

Millar also talks about his observations on the TV Film and Comics markets.
He gives his reactions to Brian Bendis choice to reveal Superman's Clark Kent
Identity, thoughts on DC and Marvel, and the current strength and growth of
creator owned comics. 

Plus Mark chats about the return of his American Jesus story arc. The first
issue of the second chapter dropped this past Wednesday Listen to "Television Comic Books Mark Millar The Barefoot (Netflix) Exectutive" on Spreaker. 

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