Monday, October 21, 2019

Comic Books The Bendis Tapes Clark Kent Never, Superman Forever?

Where do you stand on secret identities? Necessary ? Old hat? Bendis is making Superman reveal his to the world in December's Superman #18. What does it ,mean for him his friends family and all the citizens bad and good in the DCU? Listen to "Comic Books The Bendis Tapes Clark Kent Never, Superman Forever?" on Spreaker.


Arnie said...

I think you should warn people that there's a Doomsday Clock spoiler about 40 minutes in. I've been reading and enjoying Doomsday Clock for almost two years now. So close to the end. I hate to have any of it spoiled. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Siuntres,
I elected to wait until I could read the issue before commenting but I think your concerns over this direction are spot on. Superman may want to "find his life as Clark Kent" but it is hard to see how ordinary people treat him as one of them.

It very well may be that people are more truthful with Superman when he has just saved them from injury or is working to stop a world-shattering disaster, as they undoubtedly feel a sense of gratitude. But what about those tiny human moments like riding the elevator to the 30th floor or sitting on a diner stoll? Is it realistic that people will treat him as a regular joe?

As a point of comparison, imagine former President Obama walking into a book store. How long would it be before a crowd surrounded him, that twitter lit up? Or, to bring the example closer to home, why do celebrities feel compelled to wear costumes when they walk around San Diego Con?

The difference between this storyline and Daredevil is Matt Murdock sued the Bugle so there was a question in the public's mind - is he or isn't he? And Matt being legally blind made the idea of his being a swashbuckling hero even more suspect. There is no such ambiguity here which means yes, there will be a new story of each player in the DCU reacting to the news but after that?

I admire Mr. Bendis and of course he has more information than I do as to how these stories will unfold. But I think the lesson of the Spider-man reveal in Civil War is that when a character freely reveals their identity they become that hero 24-7. Maybe Mr. Bendis is correct that the Marvel movies have rendered secret identities superfluous. But I personally feel that the Superman family of comics just lost one of its oldest and least appreciated supporting cast members: Clark Kent.