Monday, October 01, 2018

Howard Chaykin's Secret History Of Comics and Adam & Aidan Glass and The Lolipop Kids

First, a fresh take on teens fighting monsters in The Lollipop Kids from father and son writing team Adam and Aidan Glass, drawn by Diego Yapur from AfterShock. The main character, Nick, has dyslexia, a conditon he shares with Aidan, but it's more of a superpower than a hinderance that Nick uses to detect and fight a slew of monsters in New York . Nick also discovers a group of fellow teens whose ancestors brought the monsters with them when they came for old world Europe and other places to the US. Adam also talks about his current work on Teen Titans for DC, television writing on shows like The Chi for Showtime, and 4 years on Supernatural.

Then Howard Chaykin is back talking about his new Image series Hey Kids! Comics, a look back at the post WW2 Mad Men era of comics with real life stories from the industry . We also talk about the current comics market and Howard's place in it, conventions and fans, superhero TV and film, and a full recommended TV viewing list from Chaykin.

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