Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The History Of The Infinity Gauntlet & Marvel Cosmic With Jim Starlin Roy Thomas Ron Lim And Joe Rubenstien

2 incredible live discussions from Terrificon ast month .

The Origins Of Avengers Infinity War and beyond. First a discussion of the original Thanos Comic Book event that led to this year's Marvel Blockbuster film featuring Thano's creator Jim Starlin and Infinity Gauntlet artists Ron Lim and Joe Rubenstien.

Then Roy Thomas and Jim Starlin dicuss the history of Marvel Cosmic from The Stan Lee Jack Kirby beginnings, to the Kree Skrull War Captain Marvel all the way to the upcoming 2019 film.
Incredible behind the scene facts that will blow your mind


Steve Rotterdam said...

What a treat to hear the masters at play! Thank you, Word Balloon!

T S said...

With all due respect, it's Josef Rubinstein.