Friday, August 10, 2018

Paul Kupperberg DC Bronze Age Revisited-Bryn Cimino Welcome to Comics

First Paul Kupperberg is back with tales of his writing and editing days. From his runs in the Superman universe to his early Charlton days. Paul not only has comic book tales, but he was also in DC's licensing department, which had him writing stuntman scenarios for Six Flags parks,and other non comic book projects.

We also revisit his great run on Life With Archie the married life, The World Of Krypton mini series, and his new crime novel set in the comic book publishing world of the early 50s called The Same Old Story 

Then we welcome comics newcomer Bryn Cimino who at 13 drew art that appeared in an issue of Two Morrows Alter Ego. She talks about her love of comics and getting her first pro break from AE editor Roy Thomas. 

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