Friday, July 27, 2018

Roy Thomas On His WW2 comics What If & Ryan Stegman Talks Spider-Man and Venom

First Roy Thomas joins us to talk about his WW2 hero comics The iNvaders and All Star Squadron. We'd never be able to cver all of Roy's work in comics so expect more next month in panels at Terrificon.

Then Ryan Stegman joins us to talk about his origin story breaking into Marvel and great work on Spider-Man and vurrently doing Venom with Donny Cates.


Unknown said...

Hearing Roy Thomas was like a dream come true (my first comic, at 10, was Avengers #58 in 1968) He was the EIC at Marvel after Stan Lee. He may "sit" wherever and whenever he damn well likes. He is too polite so I wanted to say it in his behalf in all sincerity. Another "king" of the comics industry is Roy Thomas is how this fan thinks of him. Many more like me I know.

J Jackson said...

Thank you for the Roy Thomas interview, his books are the reason I am a "old" fanboy today.

J Jackson said...

Good Morning from Japan,
Great interview of Roy Thomas, brought back a lot of memories, and made me the "old" fan boy that I am today.