Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tim Matheson Talks Animal House Johnny Quest West Wing and More

What a treat to speak with the multi talented Tim Matheson. From his Hanna Barbera Animation days as Johnny Quest and Young Sampson To Animal House 1941 The West Wing Burn Notice to last year's Jumanji reboot, Tim is still killing it in front of the camera. He's also been directing and producing since the 1980s and we talk about his Film and TV work behind the scenes on things like The West Wing Burn Notice and Fox's Lucifer.
Tim has thoughts on co-staring with Hollywood Legends like John Belushi, Henry Fonda Lucille Ball and Jackie Gleason and the multi talented voice actors of Hanna Barbera's golden age like Mel Blanc Don Messick and others. We talk about his association with National Lampoon beyond the films, when Tim was a co-owner of the brand trying to return the Magazine back to it's comedy strengths. 
Tim also goes into details about some of his iconic roles like Otter in Animal House, Dead Larry On Burn Notice and Vice President John Hoynes on The West Wing , and his thoughts on today's many TV and Film streaming platforms. 

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