Friday, March 09, 2018

Tom King The Batman Catwoman Wedding Countdown & Mr Miracle's Private Hell

It's a new edition of The King's Speech and DC writer Tom King has a lot on his mind to discuss.We talk about Batman-issue 42 just dropped and in the midst of a Poison Ivy story I get name dropped in the middle of the book. Plus Joelle Jones just released her designs for Catwoman's wedding dress. Is this epic Batman/Catwoman  marriage really happening? We catch up on all the current Batman story arcs and future ones leading up to the wedding.

Then we look at Mr Miracle where we're mid-story on Tom and Mitch Gerads epic yarn. What is happening to Scott Free? A fever dream? A Darkseid plot? A New Gods version of Purgatory or Hell? How does the world's greatest escape artist get out of this one?
Plus more details on Tom's upcoming Sanctuary stories that will delve into the DC Universe Heroes and Villains psyches dealing with post traumatic disorders stemming for their near world ending experiences. Many thoughts on Comic Book History from The DC Silver Age, Thoughts on Stan Lee Jack Kirby Superman 1000 and more.

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