Monday, November 20, 2017

Star Trek Discovery Mid Season Review With Trekspert Robert Meyer Burnett

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It had to happen. Rob Burnett, who made the 1999 cult comedy Free Enterprise and is one of the most knowledgeable Trek experts online, going back to his 90's episode reviews of Star Trek Voyager . These days Rob is reviewing Discovery eps for Colider Video's You Tube Channel , and has his problems with the basic storytelling and characterizations of the crew and the Klingons, based on the "rules" of Trek Univehrse stories all the spin-offs comics and novels have followed. Are we being too picky,or is. Discovery under performing? 

Strap in for a fun trek conversation 

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Anonymous said...

Hello John

One has to look at Star trek Continues and compare it with The last 3 films and discovery to see what you get when corporate greed and writers with no passion for what has gone before will deliver

It is possible to update a series for a new generation if you show a little respect such they done with Doctor Who on its return over a decade ago

Regards Trevor From Melbourne Australia