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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Happy 100th Birthday Jack Kirby With IDW's Scott Dunbier

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Monday is Jack Kirby's 100th Birthday. Comics have been celebrating The King's centennial all year long. It's the perfect time to chat with IDW editor Scott Dunbier who's behind the excellent series of Artist Edition collections of great works from comic book masters presented in the most naked form of art with corrections and notes on detailed reproductions of the original art pages and covers.

Scott shares info about this year's Kirby releases from IDW including 2 60's Fantastic Four collections and from his DC Fourth World 70s period, The Forever People.

We also discuss the subtle differences of several Kirby inkers from the infamous Vinnie Colletta to fan favorites Chic Stone Joe Sinnott and Mike Royer . Scott also tells us of his own encounters with Jack and his wife Roz, who also inked some of Kirby's work!

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