Tuesday, May 09, 2017

The Bendis Tapes pt 1 Defenders Spider-Men 2 Legacy and More

Download The MP3 Link Here

To celebrate Word Balloon's 12th anniversary (5-10-05) it's time for a new Bendis Tapes . Brian Bendis & I talk about the coming sequel to Spider-Men. How has Miles being in the same universe as Peter Parker changed the story?

We also talk about Marvel's Legacy event coming up later this year, and some Jessica Jones, then we present the Marvel press conference about The Defenders featuring Brian Dave Marquez and Tom Brevort .

Also a serious plea from me to petition the FCC about Net Neutrality, with help from John Oliver


Micheal Bailey said...

am I blind?.... I didn't see a download link. Thanks

Micheal Bailey said...

Didn't see a download link. thanks